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    Fiona hulse

    Visited your Congleton store today. Great service from a member of staff named Adam. Due to Adam being so helpful I spent over £100 on food and a fabulous soft crate for animal transport. Nothing too much trouble and Adam made sure that I picked the right size crate to fit in my car. Thank you.

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    Glyn Wright

    Hi We visited your groomers today in store in Eccles, Manchester after we had phoned over a week ago to get advise on when to bring our dogs in to the groomers fortheir first cut etc (they  are puppies at 5 months old and we made them aware of this in our phone call). "Bring them in for Puppy groom on Wednesday 28th March" she said)

    When we arrived, the groomer suggested we leave him with her and collect in about 1.25 hours. When we collected, she advised that she could not complete the full groom on our dogs due to the puppies being slightly boisterous and that she did not want them to be cut by the scissors etc.

    She then went on to say that we should have brought them in at around 8 weeks old and, because we hadn't due to being advised by other groomers that this was far too young to be groomed, we now needed to bring them back to her for 4-5 more times for puppy grooms.

    We feel aggrieved that:

    a. the advise we have received from your groomer is conflicting with advise from bothe other groomers and from professionals such as vets and animal care workers etc.

    b. We were charged full price for these partially completed grooms on our puppies.

    c. Being told to bring them back for 4-5 more times for Puppy grooms.


    This service is not acceptable or indeed, professional and we request an explanation from your selves please.




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    Fiona hulse

    Hi. Visited your Congleton store Friday 10/08/18. Ever so impressed again with staff looking after me. Particularly Nicky. Couldn’t be more helpful and very knowledgable about your products. Nicky saved me lots of time. Thank you very much Nicky. 

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    Susan brown

    I visited your shop in Dartford today where the staff are always helpful and polite. I have been buy my dogs food from that store ever since it opened. I very disappointed to find out today that you have stopped selling burns 7.5 kilo bags of dog food. I spoke to a member of staff who said you are only selling 25 kilos or the very small bags neither of these are suitable as I buy my dog food for the month. I walked out with out my dog food and will have to find another supplier. Please can I ask if you can reconsider your decision not to sell the medium size bags. This was within my budget and a suit size bag for my dog who is very sad.

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    Gemma Lightfoot

    Is this a private message?

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